Here’s some things I’ve learned that I didn’t learn from a guitar teacher.

1) if you say you know how to play even a little guitar, you’d better be prepared to play something. It can’t just be a riff from something, it has to be a real tune although it need not be something the listener knows.

2) If you attend a jam, spectators are not allowed. You better be prepared to sit in and play.

3) At a jam, it’s actually pretty easy to figure out what chords to play. Most jam tunes are in the I, IV, V progression which is easy to chop your way through.

4) It’s a bit less stressful to play with people you don’t know. Something about preconceived notions or something.

5) If you don’t totally suck; if you can play and sing at the same time and can avoid sharping and flatting, you’re probably good enough to actually be in a band. The singing thing eliminates 90% of the population.

6) Thou shalt tune your instrument carefully. The difference between harmony and caterwauling is very small.