At long last, the fence is done. Not just the old dilapidated part but the entire thing. I rebuilt the two gates and they work well. I built them in different sizes than before so that they would open properly and latch reliably.

That goodness that’s over. It was a huge task and I neglected to figure in how to get the old stuff hauled off but now it’s done. I also decided to do a bit of “real” woodworking on the gates since I have the gear to do that with although it added several hours to the timeline. I cut a series of half-lap joints on the gate frame to stiffen it rather than just tacking it together with mending plates. Not sure if that was worth the time but it looks nicer.

Another thing that came in unexpectedly handy was my Japanese handsaw. I found myself needing to cut a couple of places where my circular saw wouldn’t cut deeply enough or I had no other tool that would get into the crack I had available. I used it several times to cut off a piece flush to a surface or rip off a long strip from an edge. Those saws are inevitably sharper than the American counterpart and I’m glad I had one.

On to the next thing.