My sister bless her heart upgraded her iPhone and gave me her old one.  I’ve been wanting an iPhone ever since they came out but could never justify it.  But free phone = go ahead and upgrade to the data plan.  Whee!

It’s pretty cool but perhaps because of its age, it’s dog slow with everything.  And the battery will not last through the day although it will last through the business day.  But only if you don’t turn it on and do all that cool stuff which is kind of the whole point to having it.  I’ll have to research and see if there’s a warranty-voiding thing I can do to put in a better battery or maybe just buy one of those things they sell in the SkyMall catalog.

I tried to use the app and it works really well until you pass out of service such as you do when you go to the baggage claim at LAX.  At that point, you can’t retrieve the baggage carousel number that you need.  The guys with me with blackberries didn’t have any trouble nor did the other guy who has a newer iPhone so I’m not sure what was going on there.

But, it’s still worth having.  Awesome.  Now I’m off to play Angry Birds.