This past week was homecoming at Broken Arrow and Erin was in the thick of it all.

This was the event where in addition to the homecoming court, they brought the national merit semifinalists out onto the field and recognized them publicly. Beforehand they had a dinner for them and the families and we got into the game free although we already have season tickets. None of the other kids did which is not surprising.

Each scholar was to bring along one of her teachers and the AP English teacher always gets invited every year by one student or another. Erin chose to bring along her drama teacher. She likes her drama teacher but that particular teacher has never gotten to come to a national merit thing before and so was pretty pleased to be invited.

The whole thing went well. The weather was perfect and the score was very lopsided in favor of BA. They were up by 56 at the half so we felt OK in leaving early.

The recognition was fun. Erin had a cheering section and they actually had a sign. That’s what having friends in drama and in student council will do for you.

It was all pretty fun. Evan felt appropriately lame for being at one of his Alma mater events but I reminded him that I had forced him to come so he need not feel like a loser.

Erin was actually exhausted to the point of collapse since she is in student council and was involved in setting a lot of this up. There was a dance of course so she was up late several nights in a row. So she pretty much just napped for the weekend except for Mel’s party.