October 1: Mel’s birthday. This is the big 5-0 and I’m not sure if she’s happy about it or not. But we celebrated anyway.

She scored two events where she works since her boss in the library had flowers and a cake for her and then her lunch buddies did too.

I had flowers delivered to the school on Friday but we held off doing anything else due to the homecoming game. More on this in another post.

But the big event was on Saturday. Evan had a CRU thing this weekend and so was originally planning on coming to the game and returning but I convinced him to stay as a surprise to Mel. Also, her brother and sister had suggested a long time ago that we all get together at Mel’s favorite steak place and have a party. I thought it would be fun to leave that as a surprise.

And indeed it was. The invites went out via text message a week or two ago and even my sister and niece signed up to come.

After Evan dropped his surprise, Mel was thrilled and figured that was it. Saturday came and I told her to take it easy and we would shop for groceries and do all the laundry (two normal Saturday chores). This we did until time to head for Freddie’s steakhouse where she was surprised to find all her family and part of mine there. It was fun.

As we say sometimes: a good time was had by all.