I like to catch my coworkers outside of the office. It’s fun to see how they act and what all they’re interested in when they’re not talking shop. I’ve done so twice lately.

One who just bought her first home is fixing it up with her husband who I also work with. I got to go see it (and they’re little bug-eyed ShitTsu dog. Both were quite charming. I like homes and home ownership in general so that was fun.

I knew that another guy likes to build guitars so I asked if I could see his shop. I also wanted to fondle some of his hand tools. Mine all came from antique stores and his are top dollar ones from a boutique maker. I’ve dated mine to the late 1800’s but that doesn’t mean they are better necessarily.

That too was fun. He lives in an old “charming” part of town and has done a really nice job of making a workspace on such a small lot. He and his girlfriend also have a dog who was not as friendly but he can be forgiven since he is ancient. Being blind and deaf he can be forgiven for being skittish where new smells are concerned. He eventually got used to me. Either that or he just ran out of energy. He’s 17 or so; it could happen.