Well, there has been no sign of any money from our old customer in the government so we have all been reassigned to other things. My thing has been quite interesting but also stressful.

I was asked to do something that I’d never done before. Such has been my entire career; I’m not sure if that happens because of chance or some underlying psychological preference that I sort of exert all the time but it has never been boring. Or at least not often. At any rate I’ve been doing this thing that others already know how to do but who were all out of town on extended business.

This implied some political minefield issues such as other guys coming home to find somebody else doing a job they’ve always done.

As it turns out, what I did was more or less adequate and nobody seemed all that territorial about it. At least not that I could tell. It generated a fair amount of buzz; mostly in the form of “that’s not right”, or “yeah that’s what I thougt too”, etc.

It was super stressful in the sense that I wanted to prove myself as resourceful and reliable and so had to learn a bung of stuff by myself in a hurry but it was fun overall and I feel like I’ve learned more in the past three weeks than in the past three years combined. But it was on internal research money which is always really limited.

But now I’m done. Now on to the next reassigment. Hopefully one will come along with long term prospects. This must be how self-employed people feel who work from one commission to another.