We installed Evan in the dorm yesterday (Sunday).  He requested early move-in due to his involvement with CRU; he is organizing some freshman things to do and seeking other kids interested in a Bible study that he’s leading.  If it weren’t for this, he would be moving in middle-to-late week or I guess if it weren’t for his involvement in this, he wouldn’t be living on campus at all.   Then we’d move in at our own convenience.  As it was, there were many freshmen moving in yesterday and we got to take advantage of their supreme organization.  We were shuttled into a spot next to the door and several RAs and whatnot came and unloaded our car and took the stuff up to his room for us.  That was nice.

It didn’t take long.  He unpacked his stuff enough to let us take all the boxes back to the car and then we went to lunch at the Catfish Hole (obviously a local favorite amongst the after-church crowd).  They had great hushpuppies which were unlimited in number.  Usually a barrage of fried food like that will cause me to have some stomach issues but not yesterday.  So it was a good day all around.

Add to that the fact that it was cloudy in the morning and whatever weather system that was supposed to move in last night came through early and cooled things off.  The temperature had been over 105 every day last week but yesterday it barely topped 90.  This was a huge blessing for us as we moved Evan’s stuff around.  It was this event that ruined my lower back last year which I’m only now recovering from so I did almost nothing yesterday.  I didn’t feel nearly as worthless as I should have.

So now the boy’s installed again at the university and he’s taking almost all hard engineering classes so it should be a banner year for him.  He will succeed or fail this year – and I think he’ll succeed. 

He very much enjoyed his missionary type work this summer but I hope he’s now resigned to devote himself to engineering and try to land an internship next summer.  Based on his comments about working with obstreperous young boys, I’d say that he’s ready to do engineering professionally for awhile and leave this sort of ministry to the school-teacher-minded people.