The end of summer that is.

Mel starts back to work today since the schools are opening soon. She’s not too thrilled but then who is ever thrilled to return to work?

Erin continues to work at the pools but is gearing up to return to school in a couple of weeks.

Evan is back from Colorado and lifeguarding the second half of the summer and we’ve been preparing for his return to school by reserving his books and gathering all that stuff he needs like a new printer, bike rack, etc.

And amid all this it is over 100 degrees outside. So Mel has been staying inside and doing freer chores than normal in an effort to enjoy the last remaining days of vacation. Yesterday we watched a bunch of episodes of The Office on DVD for example.

This only affects me indirectly. I haven’t had a summer break since 1986 so I barely remember more than two weeks off at a time but I remember them fondly.