Our vacation in Kansas City was quite nice.

We left early Saturday morning the 17th and KC was not as far away as I had thought. Traffic was not an issue and we were there sightseing by about 10:00 am.

My GPS took me directly to Union Station. Actually, it took me underneath the station which was unexpected. There isn’t actually that much to do there other than a children’s science museum but I loved the grand old building. I was not thinly one as apparently there are a number of volunteers who will give you a free walking tour. I only discovered this after giving myself my own tour but we let an elderly gent show us a few things. There was a small exhibit on the history of railroads in KC as well as a gigantic model train layout courtesy of a local club.

We walked across the pedestrian bridge over the tracks to a barbecue place that came highly recommended. It was pretty good.

We got there right as a heat wave began to grip the Midwest and so suffered from the effects of the humidity. Luckily most things were inside or had covered parking.

We next headed to the Crown Center which was only a short distance away. We had been told to go see the Hallmark visitor’s center and some other stuff. I thought that it was only moderately interesting but it was a friendly place with some artists demonstrating their craft and it was altogether pleasant.

The rest of the place was essentially a mall which we explored. We left briefly to go get checked into our hotel whereupon we came back for dinner and a play.

We ate at a place called Fritz’s Railroad restaurant. This is typical of me; I’ll go places like this rather than a really nice place. This place is clearly geared towards children since you place your order via an old style telephone at your booth and the food is delivered by a little train from the kitchen. I love trains and this was too much for me to pass up.

We then walked up to the America’s Heartland Theater for their production of Putnam County Spelling Bee. This musical comedy was a lot of fun. As we went back to our car in the garage we got a sense of what the heat wave was like. It was 10:00 pm in a covered garage and the thermometer in my car was showing 97 degrees.

We got back to the hotel with the plan of having a swim but for some reason, the pool water was intolerably cold. I couldn’t bear it.

The next morning we took it easy until the Steamboat Arabia museum opened. This was easily one of the most I retesting things we saw or that I have ever seen. Not much need to go into details here but I really enjoyed the whole thing. We had a hotdog at the city market just outside and then headed over to the 18th and Vine district to visit the Jazz museum. I guess Sunday isnlt much of a tourist day since we pretty much had the place to ourselves. This was less of an artifact based thing than an auditory experience. I could have sat inside for hours listening to jazz and swing music and learning all about it.

I’ll finish this later.

Power and Light district free concert

Buffalo burger and cosentino’s market

Truman library

Truman home

Town square

Money museum

World War I memorial and museum



Nelson-atkins museum

The Plaza