Yesterday (Sunday) was pleasantly busy. It started out as an empty plate but ended up pretty full.

It began with us deciding to ditch church. We’d been planning on meeting up with Mel’s sister to look at a couple of houses up in town so we decided that we’d better get some chores out of the way before that. We had invited them to come over after house hunting for home made ice cream and figured we’d better have it made already.

We hade cooked up the cream the night before. I had no idea that making ice cream was such a time consuming activity but presumably it will go faster the next time. We had to go out to buy rock salt and ice which was more trouble than anticipated. Not everybody sells rock salt. But when I finally started churning, it worked exactly by the book. It was fantastic.

We looked at the decided-upon houses and then got a call from a nephew who was also looking at houses and so went and looked at his too.

Then a friend called and wanted to use my table saw. I was sad to make him wait; any other Sunday would have found us with plenty of time but everything always happens at once. We came home with not only the in-laws but the nephew and his girlfriend as well and served ice cream to all. Then we decided: what the heck? Let’s grill burgers.

I also called my friend and told him to come on over with his wood. He brought his five year old to see our dog. That was a bit awkward since I had to tell him that our dog had died in October. His response via text message: “my bad”.

He arrived, we did our woodworking and of course had ice cream. That made up for the lack of dog apparently.

Then Erin came home from work (and had ice cream) and had a couple of friends over. They just sort of showed up but they got ice cream too.

We still have another container of ice cream left. Evidently, if you make ice cream, you also make friends.