My office shares the floor of my building with an elevator shop. The elevator maintenance guys have a small office there and the hoist motors for a bank of elevators are there. They’re pretty interesting guys to talk to – I ask them all those dumb questions everybody has like “do those ‘close door’ buttons do anything?’ (answer: yes but they don’t close the door immediatly like you think they should; they merely shorten the timer.)

Today I walked past their door and saw a gigantic motor armature (the turny part inside an electric motor). The guy saw me admiring and invited me in for a tour. I love seeing how things work and getting backstage tours.

He showed me how the entire system works and I have to say that I feel pretty safe at this point. Still, the elevators occasionally do strange things which he explained but which are still a bit unnerving.

Plus they can make the elevators do anything from there which although possible is not advisable since that tends to freak out whoever is riding.

But they are definitely never going to fall and hurt anybody. Thanks elevator guy!