Father’s day for me is a day to take it easy without guilt and so yesterday Mel and I took off to do something fun. I’ve lived here for 15 years and only recently have started seeing some of the local sights.

Yesterday I decided to continue my project to travel up and down the old route 66 and photograph some of the old roadside attractions. With Evan working in Colorado and Erin working at the pool, Mel and I found ourselves doing all this by ourselves. First stop: the blue whale.

This is not really a vintage attraction; having been built in the early 1970s but it certainly has that tacky roadside aura about it. Apparently it was built for a man’s family so they cod have a bit more fun swimming in their pond but has now become a landmark. It fell into disrepair some years back but has since been restored to it’s former glory.

We drove on up into Claremore and found a mom and pop restaurant for lunch. The Hammett House is good old fashioned stuff and fit my requirement quite nicely.

Next we stopped at the Will Rogers museum next door (almost) which I had been to but not in many years. It was quite nice as well as being quite cool so we decided to take it one step further and drive on up to the shores of lake Oolagah and see the ranch house where Will Rogers was born. It was quit large even by modern standards so his family must have been important. There were a few animals about to lend the place a sufficiently rural air. I found a chicken nesting in a horse stall. She had flown the coop as it were.

There was also a peacock wandering around which is a bit of a mystery to me. Why a peacock? The donkey obliged us with his stereotypical honking sound so I called him the honkey donkey. A goat was patiently eating the paint off one side of the barn. Stupid goat.

While there, Evan called me to wish me happy father’s day. That was nice although I suspect they were reminded of it at church that morning.

That took care of the morning and part of the afternoon which I found quite pleasant. I spent the rest of the afternoon reading.

Erin got home earlier than expected due to a misreading of her work schedule on our part so we decided to go get a bit of ice cream and go see Toy Story 3.

It was a good day. We should have fathers day or something like it more often.