This week and next Erin is at Aerospace Engineering camp at OSU. Indications are that she’s thrilled with it and is ready to declare a major right now even though she’s still in high school.

We drove over on Sunday afternoon. I made her drive since she will eventually have to do that herself. She is staying in one of the newer dorms and has her own room and shares the living room with three other girls. She was concerned that they might not be “normal” but was quickly relieved when Amber shoes up and proved to be cut from similar cloth.

Since then we’ve gotten a few text messages telling us of the fun. She got to sit in a cockpit simulator and had it filled with smoke to simulate a fire which was apparently quite exciting. Then they built rockets and tabulates the height – hers went the highest. She mentioned that some guy had made fun of her calling hers pretty and she stated that she particularly like to beat people who made fun of her. That says a great deal about her nature right there.

Next she texted me that she had gotten to fly a Cessna 182. I don’t know what “fly” means since that could mean a lot of different things but the message was in all caps so she was pumped about it.

After that I saw a message on facebook from her friend. It read: “Dearest Erin, Please come back from nerd camp. It’s no fun gossiping about saggy-butt without you.”

I can’t wait to find out more about that.