So the pools are now open and Erin is employed. That did not stop us from going to Fayetteville though even though my sister did drive up here with her boyfriend. Allow me to elaborate.

Erin started work this past Saturday and in contrast to last year, she had no stories to tell. She said it wasn’t as busy although when I texted her to get a status, her response was “busy and hot”. I guess experience has prepared her for whatever comes.

My sister has started keeping company with a gentleman from her town which is weird to me but apparently to nobody else. His son lives in Broken Arrow too so it made sense for them to come together and visit us both. No notice was given though so our trip to visit Mel’s brother was delayed a bit. It was fun to spend time with her though for a couple of days.

The weather turned off rather hot. We’ve had several summers where it stayed cool into late June so I guess we were about due for a hot one. I made sure the air conditioner was cleaned out before she arrived.

We went to church since in the smallish world I seem to live in, Linda’s boyfriend had once worked in Tulsa and had attended my church and was keen to see it again. Normally I will opt for ditching church on holidays to lengthen my fun.

We dropped them off at his son’s in eastern BA and got to meet his family who rescues greyhound and westie dogs. They must do a food job of it because all 8 or so dogs were friendly and well behaved.

We headed from there to Mel’s brother’s “estate” near Winslow, AR. He owns about 20 acres on a hilltop with two ponds, a huge wraparound porch, and some phenomenal sunsets. It was an abbreviated visit but a relaxing and worthwhile one.

For some reason, Mel decided to. Text Erin on the way home and have her invite some friends over on Monday afternoon. So on the actual holiday we had 16 high school juniors and seniors over for grilled burgers late in the afternoon. They brought a basket of water balloons.

The folks across the street were also having a party so parking was at a premium. But it was still fun. I enjoy these long weekends; in fact, I took the Friday off as well to make it longer. Here’s looking forward to the next long weekend.