I replaced another section of my fence! But seriously, a lot went on.

I did in fact replace not one but two sections of my fence. But this was the first official HOT weekend. The temperature got up to 90 and the humidity also climbed. This is nothing compared to what the mid and late summer will be like but it’s been nice and cool for a long time and that first hot weekend is a bit of a slap in the face. I happened to be working in deep shade and it was windy so it could have been worse.

In addition, Evan was packing for his big trip to Colorado. The time has come and he began to pile and pack and run to the store to get last minute items. This is not his first mission trip but it will be the longest, the hardest (in the sense that be will be in a position of responsibility), and the most expensive. This last item has been the hardest for me to understand but now I think I do.

If you want to do any mission work, you usually just join some existing effort as a volunteer but if you want to take it to the next level, you find something that needs to be done and then raise your own support. Campus Crusade has lots of programs in place that provide something that needs doing and they make you raise your own support but this typically includes your own salary. Oddly enough, they set that or at least they put a cap on it. You can attend the project if you only raise your expenses but you’re an unpaid volunteer.

In the Methodist church, you can go to the committee on missions and request support although Evan did not do that until he had reached about 90% of his funding. He did that ask-friends-and-family thing. The church may yet make up the balance since he got a couple of late-innings checks on Saturday. That would actually put him over the top with a surplus. I’m amazed that any college student would cough up $100 or more since I don’t recall ever putting more that a couple dollars in any given collection plate but actually several have. I can only conclude that we are raising a good generation of kids.

So off he goes today with a friend who was passing through on his way from Little Rock and they are super excited. They’re actually taking a few extra days to do some camping in northern New Mexico and this really underscores how he’s growing up. He’s making a road trip.

Erin is out of school and this upcoming memorial day weekend, she starts her job at the city pool concession stand. After all the griping about it last year, she apparently considers it the lesser of evils and signed up for another year. Her boss was thrilled; apparently always showing up on time is somewhat of a rarity at that job level.

She’ll be working there with a friend who is a lifeguard. I like her because although her name is Megan, Erin once misspelled her name on facebook as ‘Megar’ and now everybody calls her that. It sounds like a Japanese monster. MEGAARRR!

My grass is absurdly long but my mower is broken and so I have to just wait on the yard guy who only comes every two weeks. I bought the parts I think I need but somehow never got around to doing anything about it.

I spent quite a bit of time battling ants. They have decided that they want to own my house and I can’t figure out what they want. They seem not to be in the pantry, they just wander around randomly but a particularly deep cleaning revealed a few M&Ms under a chair cushion. Anyway, I set off a bunch of big bombs before heading to church in the hopes of getting rid of them. Upon returning, I went around the house with some caulk to stop up any tiny holes where I saw them going in. If this doesn’t work, I will give up and call an exterminator. I hate that option mostly because it makes the house reek of exterminator for a week but if that’s what it takes then so be it.

So, to me this has been the first official week of summer. I’m a bit sad at Evan’s leaving but he’ll be back in 8 weeks or so and in the meantime there’s a lot fencing yet to be replaced.