Rain is good but only up to a point.

It rained a lot last week; so much so that the lawnmower guy could not work which put him way behind. That was bad news for me since the grass was ridiculously long and really could not be put off. So I had Evan do it and called the lawnmower guy and had him give me a pass for this week.

Unfortunately, my mower seems not to have survived the winter – or at least won’t start. We felt some urgency to get it done due to more approaching rain so we went to borrow the in-law’s mower.

Things look much better, we beat the rain, but my mower is still leaking gas. We responded by all piling into the car and going to Pop’s.

For some reason, Evan has developed a deep love for this strange little diner in Arcadia that sells about 500 varieties of soda out of dozens of coolers. It is fun to go though and we stayed for lunch. Erin was going to a birthday party that night too so it was a good opportunity to pick up a unique gift. I got a route 66 T- shirt.

We also went outside to take some photos in front of the giant pop bottle and in so doing, captured one of those rare one- of-kind photos that you always hope for. I was taking a normal picture of Erin when Evan leaped into the photo making a face. Classic photobomb. It was an instant hit on facebook.

We drove back home along route 66 rather than taking the turnpike. I had never been along there before so we saw the towns of Stroud, Chandler, and some that I’ve forgotten already. There are some classic landmarks along there, one of which was inspiration for one of the businesses in the movie Cars; the Rock Cafe. The sign said ‘open’ but all other evidence was to the contrary.

It was fun; it gave me a chance to avoid thinking about the ants in our house that i’ve been battling and which I returned to battling when we got home. I really need to get back to working on my fence too. I’ve been away from it for two weeks now and am feeling that if I don’t get back on it, i’ll never finish.