Not a story from a vacation but a story about a vacation that was not to be. These little annoyances happen all the time to everyone but I write about them as if they were profound and original.

I won a prize at this past year’s Christmas party: two plane tickets to anywhere in the US or Canada. This would seem to be a windfall but is working out to be like the proverbial monkey’s paw: a huge bunch of trouble.

We had a grand plan made up which was to take place while Erin was in a two week long camp at OSU in June. We were going to Prince Edward Island to visit Anne of Green Gables country. We should have made our arrangements sooner but by the time we did, all tours were booked. That is a popular destination it turns out. Well, that’s OK especially since we didn’t yet know if Erin was admitted to the program or not.

So on to plan B. We decided to visit my brother in North Carolina. The airline was running short of these giveaway seats so I had to book quickly. I had to email the director at the Oklahoma board of regents and ask him for a heads up just so I could lock in these flights.

Yes was what he said so I finalized things. Then when we got the materials, lo and behold, we find that she is supposed to come home during that midpoint weekend. Not only that but a parent is supposed to show up and check her out. So much for the two week thing.

I called the airline and was informed that there were no other seats available of that type anywhere or any time. To rebook would incur a fee of $300. Ouch!

“Well damn!” was my overall reaction. I cancelled everything and resolved to deal with it later.

Perhaps it’s just as well; it’s becoming apparent that we’re going to have to do some more college visits so my days off will likely be used up with that.