We’ve been looking at houses off and on. Hopefully sometime during the next five years, we’ll find “The One”.

Our house we live in now is fine; plus, it’s paid for but we don’t like it much. It’s like many homes across the land – ranch style with the garage stuck out front and the home part hanging off the back like an afterthought. It’s built on a slope and so I’ve had to deal with water issues as the rain flows down to the house and has nowhere to go. Then there’s the driveway situation in snow and when we have a bunch of cars to park: slopes are not good in those situations.

We bought it hurriedly when we moved here. We wanted to be near Mel’s sister and that has certainly been a good thing but I do wish we had waited a bit until we found a house that we liked more.

When we were house hunting in Ft. Worth years ago, we found “The One”. I remember it well; we both fell in love with it right away. It had issues too but we seemed more inclined to deal with them rather than move away from them.

Our hunt now is enormously complicated by me and my desire to have some sort of workshop. This is not at all common and most homes we find with that sort of thing either end up being way out in the country (not in itself a bad thing) or the “shop” ends up being a derelict shed for lawnmowers.

There are several issues with rural property but there are issues with any property; You have to pick what you are willing to deal with.

I wouldn’t mind a third bay in the garage; I could easily set up shop in such a space and by adding a small air conditioner, I could be there all year long.

So the long search for the perfect home continues, complicated by all the above plus the desired state of not having another 30 year mortgage. I’ve seriously thought of abandoning my beloved woodworking just to simplify things in the short term. Here’s hoping we can arrive at a livable solution.