Once again we had one of those weekends where everything happened at once. They were all good but still…

We went to Fayetteville last Wednesday to get all Evan’s stuff but he stayed there with friends to play awhile. While there, somebody actually made him a cake which suggests that girls are among his circle of friends. All the better.

He drove home Friday to meet me for lunch. We then all drove back there on Saturday to attend the graduation of our niece followed by a huge picnic at the park. Actually Erin stayed home to study for her AP tests.

After spending the day in Fayetteville, we decided to spend mother’s day at home. Mel elected to sleep in and let us take care of the grocery shopping and meal prep.

Evan’s birthday fell squarely in the middle of this on Saturday. This happens every year but seldom are his birthday and mother’s day so close. We had cakes from both events; we’re all sick of cake now. On Sunday evening, I drove Evan to a store to get some camping gear for his birthday; he’ll use this on his upcoming mission trip to Colorado.

It was a pleasant weekend but a bit too full of major events that had to be planned for.