Spring is really busting out all over and I had to deal with it in several ways this past weekend.

Saturday was free dump day at the city dump. Sorry – “landfill”. Only a longtime homeowner like me could possibly get excited about something like that but when you have great piles of rotted wood from a project laying around, then the chance to get ride of them for free has a certain appeal.

The weatherman could not decide if it was going to rain or not. In the end, it rained off and on all day which was bad news for all the neighborhood garage sales that were planned. Apparently, the first Saturday in May is “neighborhood garage sale day” at least according to my observation. Perhaps that and the rain kept the crowds down at the dump but I was one of the few to pack my minivan with junk and drive the 20 miles or so to the former quarry and heave my refuse overboard.

I got lucky in that it rained on me all the way up there but stopped long enough for me to jettison my junk, then started again.

Since the car was trashed (heh) anyway, I decided to stop at Lowes and pick up another load of fence material. And of course they didn’t have one of the things I needed which made me have to go to another store. But again, the rain stopped for me long enough to load the car both times. While there, I passed the bedding plants and decided that since we needed some flowers for the mailbox, I may as well get them right then.

After cleaning out the car, I decided to go ahead and plant the flowers since the rain would water them in.

By then it was still early (i had left for the dump really early anticipating crowds) so i decided to start on the fence again. I figured that the storm clouds would keep things cool which they did. In fact the rain stayed away long enough for me to finish all I intended to do as well as burn a few old pickets in my little campfire. When I finished, the rain started in earnest and put out my fire for me. It was all quite convenient.

Then on Sunday, I had enough stuff left over to do another section which I did. I kept looking at the roof and noticing the branches that were touching it so I went for my ladder and climbed up to do some pruning. This was successful except that I then had a pile of brush on the ground and free dump day gone past.

I whittled away at the pile with some clippers until I got tired and then gave it up for the day. I was getting tired and sore so it was inside for me to take an Aleve, grab a drink, and watch a little PBS.

All in all it was very productive and I’m finally getting back in shape after all the back problems and this does not totally put me under the table.