All the long hours of the last pay period led to me being able to take the day off on Friday. Of all the productive things I could have done, all I did was firm up some vacation plans and then head over to a friend’s.

He has gotten geared up to produce guitars for sale and had put the finishing touches on his dust collector which I wanted to see. I was duly impressed and then we whiled away several more hours doing similar geeky guy stuff.

He had taken a consulting job once a few years ago for a company that makes laparoscopes and instead of taking money he took a laparoscope just for the coolness factor. We used it to look deep into his grandfather clock which was ultra cool.

We met up with yet another friend for lunch at Tally’s which is an old diner on the old route 66. We left there and went to a coffee shop for dessert and then, because he lives near it, I went to the Whole Foods market to get the kind of oatmeal I like.

It’s fun to have a day off now and then.