Erin was nominated for the “Princeton Bookclub Award” and none of us knew what that was. After a bit of research and some info from the Princeton alumni organization, we learned that is a pretty cool thing and that only two juniors are nominated from each school.

A few of these were invited to a thing at TU for the actual awards. Erin got invited to this along with maybe 10 others. There was much blah blah about what an honor it was to be nominated, etc but in the end that seems to be true. They had brought in a speaker: Sheila Kohler – author of several novels, at least one of which made it to the New York Times best seller list. She is also a Princeton lecturer.

But the coolest part is that in introducing the essay part (which is how they choose the four winners because everybody has a perfect GPA to start with) Erin’s essay was quoted at least four times.

Even though she wan’t chosen to win (the prize was a book autographed by the speaker), she was totally pumped that her essay was quoted more often than any other. Also when the speaker was describing some of the extracurricular activities of the nominees, Erin’s were mentioned several times.

Erin was pretty excited as were we as parents. She was also strangely satisfied that the winners were all really nerdy and could barely make eye contact with anybody.

This is the first of a number of things that are coming up in our near future as she rolls into her senior year.

And then I came home and burned trash in a wheelbarrow. I just don’t know where else in the US besides Oklahoma that you could do that.