The fence must go on but it nearly got me on Saturday.

I was at a corner which meant that I had to tear down two sections; one on each side of the corner. I bought a load of pickets and a few other things Friday night and got to work the next morning.

Luckily I had no rotten posts but one of them was at a weird distance from the next one so once again, I have evidence that the builder was an idiot. Or at least he didn’t measure anything. I say ‘he’ because a woman would never tolerate such asymmetry.

I actually used up a five pound box of screws and had to charge my drill batteries several times. I’m building up my stamina but still managed to completely exhaust myself as well as get my back and knees to aching but that wasn’t permanent.

I also took some action on the ever growing pile of old pickets. I’ve been trying to think of something cheap that I could use to burn them in because they are so dried up and rotten they burn like paper. I haven’t been able to find anything cheaper than a wheelbarrow so I figured I’d just burn them in my old wheelbarrow and then pitch it and buy a new one when needed. I sort of break even that way. It has wooden handles so I had to squirt them with a hose periodically to keep them from bursting into flame. That wouldn’t be so bad but I should probably try to keep as much mobility as possible for awhile.

On Sunday I took it a little easier by only disposing of a few pickets and spraying the house for ants. I’m not sure why these ants have been appearing since they never get into the food but simply appear one or two at a time in every room of the house. At any rate I went to my brother in law who has a bottle of Diazinon left over from the old days before it was banned. It’s a commercial grade concentrate and so lasts forever. I helped him use just a bit more as I sprayed a swath all around my house.

We have some new neighbors who bought the abandoned house across the street. They seem nice; we caught them as they were working in their flower beds.

So except for the extreme fatigue, things went well.