The weather was not terribly conducive to more fencing this weekend. Nor was it conducive to having a garage sale but Mel did it anyway.

This was a fundraiser for Evan so we were mostly selling his old stuff. I hated to see those Legos go; I had plans for those in the future but those of course were some of the most valuable items. They all sold at full price.

The weather wasn’t actually rainy on Friday yet so she did pretty well. It started to rain Saturday but not heavily so she could carry on. We had the advantage of being able to hold it in her sister’s garage. Her sister lives in a nice house near ours but they had the misfortune of having a Wal-Mart supercenter move in across the street. This makes for great garage saleing though because anybody pulling out of the Wal-Mart parking lot looks directly towards the sale. They get a lot of traffic with no advertising.

They earned about $300 all together so it was worth doing. That gets him about halfway there.

It kept sprinkling off and on but held off long enough to let Erin and company get their dresses on and get to the prom. It pretty much poured all day Sunday which effectively put the kibosh on any of my outdoor plans. That was cool with me though; I always have plenty of things to do inside as well.

So it was another typically busy weekend. I always have more things on my list than I can get done but that keeps the boredom away.