Evan came home this past weekend to attend Erin’s last performance and also brought his laptop. He had reported earlier that the display had started to flicker when at certain angles. These days Google can answer any question and so I learned all about how to replace the display cable.

I found one on Ebay of course and also was able to download the service manual as well as watch a video of someone else doing it. Anyone who can’t do this sort of repair after all that has rocks for brains.

Evan voiced the obvious concerns: that this would be a convenient time to upgrade. For what we paid for that one, we could double his capacity. But last week’s hot water heater fiasco had me thinking in terms of repair rather than replacement.

Although it took longer than anticipated, we did get the job done. I had six screws left over though and really can’t remember where they might have gone. I hope they we’re vital.

This happened in the middle of my fence project in which I try to replace two sections per weekend. Usually I end up having to backtrack and fix something like a rotten post and so only get one section done. This time around, I chose to set a new post next to where the old one was rather than dig out the old chunk of concrete. This seemed to work well enough.

What I had no solution to was the issue of the growing pile of old rotten fence pickets in my yard. The choices are limited. I can giftwrap them in small tied bundles and the trash guys will pick them up but that process is very time consuming. I can pay my yard guy to haul them off but this will cost over $50 per load. I may yet choose this option once I have the entire job done. But it occured to me to burn them.

I did a quick experiment in my raised flower bed which is as yet unplanted.i dug a hole and made a quick campfire. This worked well enough but was unsafe since the planter is itself wood and it was a bit windy. I also cannot simply set the pile alight although I have seen people do this (but not in the city).

Then it occored to me that what I need is an old Weber barbecue grill or perhaps a chiminea or some such decorative firepit. It is a simple matter to cut the boards up and dispose of them that way in relative safety.

I will search the local farm supply store; they usually have stuff like that at more reasonable prices. If anybody wonders what I’m doing, I will say that I am not burning trash – I’m making S’mores.