Bye Bye Birdie

Last night’s opening performance went very well I thought. With all the rehearsals and now the performances, Erin was exhausted but not so much that she couldn’t stay up a bit longer to talk about it.

She was on stage a bit more than she had led me to believe which was fun for me. As usual, we were there with a ton of people we knew which is also fun. Several of Erin’s friends from church were there as well as a handful of folks from various other places. Amazingly, we sat next to the parents of the guy Erin was dancing with in a couple of scenes. This gave us something to talk about. It turns out the Dad is pastor at the local Methodist church so we were among our own people in a way. In a strange turn of events, they told us that their daughter and Evan were once thought to be brother and sister since they look similar. Neither Mel nor I bad ever heard that story so that added one more little bit to the story of our lives that I don’t know what to do with.

Erin always wants brutal criticism but I had little to criticize. I had fun. We have tickets to the remaining two performances and I hope they turn on the air conditioning.