We all had a busy weekend.  There was a new baseball stadium opening, Easter, a train derailment, and of course, Peeps.  Both the family type and the marshmallow type.

But it actually started on Thursday with the arrival of the yard man.  My birthday present in December was the news that a yard man would come this summer and mow the grass.  I was not informed until later that I would have to find a yard man by myself but I did and he visited me on Thursday.  I was delighted.  All the other stuff still needs to be done:  fertilizing, pest control, watering (and the associated sprinkler system repairs) but I can do all that easily enough.  The fact that somebody else will mow in July and August when it’s near 100 degrees is a wonderful thought. Anyway…

We attended the open house of the local minor league team’s new ballpark on Saturday morning.  It’s called ONEOK field which is pronounced “One Oak”.  For years, I saw it on the local stock price thing on TV and read it as “Oh-nee-oak”.  I was ridiculed.  The stadium though is pretty nice and I look forward to some ballgames (more interested in the fireworks after the games near July 4 actually).  It’s always fun to explore a new facility plus the hotdogs were only $1.  While we were there, a train passing through downtown fell over.

As strange as it sounds, that’s what it looked like from the helicopter video.  We were totally unaware of this even though it was going on just across the street and behind a row of buildings.  We were vaguely aware of a bunch of fire trucks blocking the side street but didn’t see what was up until the evening news.  Strange. 

Erin was out all day at a dress rehearsal for the musical which is planned for Thursday so she missed all the downtown fun. 

On Sunday, we had the usual Easter throwdown with Mel’s family.  This year, we had the thing over at her sister’s house about a quarter mile away from us.  That is by far the most convenient thing that could have happened.  It was short but good and we had all sorts of good stuff to eat.  The latest toddler arrived to entertain us all; this was her first Easter egg encounter so she was a bit confused but quickly caught on.  Their back yard had not yet been mowed this year so sometimes finding eggs was a bit challenging for her two year old brain (not to mention her short legs) but she managed it.  The lure of eggs that open to reveal other things is powerful.  And if any go unfound, the lawn mower will find them later.