Evan was home this past week on spring break.  He didn’t do very much but it was spring break after all.  He has signed up to go on one of the Campus Crusade summer trips to Colorado where he will work with some inner city Denver kids.  He has to raise the money to go and his first few checks came in along with two verbal commitments. 

But I needed some work done so I made him help me fix the fence.

I find that I can replace about two sections per weekend which keeps me from getting worn out as well as budgeting the expenses out.  Unfortunately we hit a roadblock Saturday.  The fencepost was rotten at the ground and so I had to take down the section that I replaced a couple of weeks ago and dig out the old post.

I guess the smart thing would have been to simply dig a new hole near the first one and set a new post in it.  That would have been quicker although it would have made the spacing all wrong.  Still, that would have been easier in the long run.  As it was, I put Evan to digging and went to get a post and some concrete.  When I got home with it, he had dug up a hole that was about two feet in diameter and two feet deep.  We almost wore ourselves out trying to lever the old chunk of concrete out of the hole with the new post and a piece of pipe but in the end we did it.  Now I have a brand new fencepost but I also have a gigantic chunk of concrete laying on my yard.  Next time I encounter a bad post, I’m definitely leaving the old one in the ground.

The spacing was still a bit off so I had to trim part of the section I replaced before but in the end we got the thing back to its former state by the time Evan had to leave for Fayetteville on Sunday.  As he drove back, I put up the pickets on the remaining replacement section and called it done. 

I hope the remaining parts of the fence go smoothly.  I also hope that the rest of Evan’s fund raising goes smoothly as well.  He has to raise a little over $3000 (or pay it himself) and he has only received $200 so far but it’s just the first week.  Everybody at the church who hears about his intended trip says “Awesome!” but they are not thinking about the lost income from half a summer spent not working.  He still has to have enough money to make it through the next school year but he’s not thinking in such long terms.  It’s awkward for me since I am in the position of saying he should avoid “God’s work” and get on with earning money.  The Bible is chock full of stories about how bad that is; the story of a camel and the eye of a needle comes to mind. 

We had his life planned out so that he wouldn’t have to take out a loan to finish his degree but if he doesn’t raise the money, he will have to.  I know that’s a time-honored tradition these days but it’s still better not to have to do that.  Campus Crusade sell these trips with an almost unholy fervor but to their credit, they’re pretty good about telling the kids about how important it is to raise their own money and not just try to tap their parents for it. 

Well, I guess I’ll just go out in my back yard and try to force myself through the eye of a needle.  It will be easier to force a camel through a section of my rotten fence.  Here’s hoping that both of these projects go well.