The freezing rain on Thursday night and Friday morning had the expected effect of coating everything with a coating of ice on all sides but more on the northwest side of things.  On Monday, all that began to thaw out and fall off.  We had some long icicles on our house (as did everyone else) and those have also begun to fall.

The most interesting show of falling ice was the high-rise office building where I work.  Ice had formed on the vertical sides of the building and by Monday afternoon was slowly flaking off in long pieces.  These would hurtle down like huge glass daggers but due to air currents would usually tumble into the sides of the building and shatter into small pieces (dislodging more ice in the process) so what landed on the ground was more like hail.  It was pretty noisy down there what with all the ice chunks hitting the roof and the ground.  Some of them would tumble into our windows making quite a “whack!”  It was both scary and really cool at the same time.