Office holiday party last Saturday night.  It was held at the local Hard Rock Casino.  I’d been wondering what it looked like in the Hard Rock and I’d never been to a casino before.  I had toyed with skipping it altogether since a coworker once said that “it’s such a golden opportunity to step on your own dick.”  Mel likes to go though and it’s usually pleasant enough.  Plus, they have drawings for prizes.

This year, I won two airline tickets to anywhere in the US or Canada.  WAHOO!  It’s the first time I’ve ever won anything besides that stupid jack-o-lantern back in 2nd grade. 

The party was uneventful other than that. 

The casino part was not all that interesting.  We went into the store to escape the choking cigarette smoke and look at the T-shirts.  Other than that, we just went to our party and left.  I’ve been known to sprain a muscle groping under my car seat to recover spare change – I’m certainly not going to walk into a casino and start throwing my money into a machine.  When I drop a quarter in my car, I know that I can always get it back with a sufficient amount of effort – when you drop a quarter in a casino, they get to keep it. 

Ironic that I won something without actually gambling.