I don’t even remember where Erin was Friday night.  She was definitely out with her BF but their plans changed so many times, I’m not sure of the details except that dinner and entertainment were involved.  I believe they went to a local restaurant that serves breakfast all the time because Erin likes bacon and then they went to a fellow dramanator’s party with a Hanukah theme.  I’m pretty sure that’s right.

Mel and I stayed home and watched the final episode of “Monk”.  Yes, we’re boring.  I think that’s well established and I don’t care anymore.

Mel came down with a head cold Saturday.  It came upon her pretty suddenly but it gave us a valid reason to ditch church Sunday and sleep in.  Erin spent the night with the girls in her small group and so ended up at church with them anyway.  Again – Erin is out socializing as often as she can.  I don’t see how she ever accomplishes anything.

Mel and I got started on wrapping some of the gifts and now our tree has stuff under it.  Nothing really spectacular yet but it looks better with goodies under it.

I think that maybe – just maybe – my back did not hurt quite as much yesterday.  Here’s hoping.  Of course the pain manifests itself in my butt and sometimes on down my leg but I get more understanding from saying my back hurts.

Erin is on pins and needles waiting for the PSAT scores to come out and at the same time waiting to find out what the spring musical is going to be.  It’s a toss-up as to which thing she’s most excited about.