After the lumbar X-ray I had a couple months ago, my doctor thought it would be informative to have an MRI done on the same region.  It was certainly interesting.  I can remember when those devices were first invented and one of my job searches focused on getting into that industry so I was quite interested in the process itself.  The operator sensed my enthusiasm and gave me the tour while I was putting my pants back on. 

The MRI did little more than provide more of the same sort of information.  A disc is touching my sciatic nerve which I already knew.  I suppose the doctor now knows that there is nothing more serious going on but I was told that these things usually clear themselves up in time and I should take it easy.  I was hoping for something more useful – something I could actually take action on.  I have been told by several average, uninformed people that I should find a “good chiropractor” but some important details are left out of that advice.   That’s like saying that in order to improve your standard of living, you should get yourself a million dollars.  There are some intermediate steps left out.  The fact that chiropractors are sort of in the “quack” end of the medical professional community doesn’t help although the fact that this is a spinal issue and they focus on the spine may make it the right thing to do.  I guess I will have to look around and try to make a decision somehow.