It was memorable for two reasons at opposite ends of the emotional scale.  After Mel’s mother’s funeral, it was deemed imperative (which I agreed with) that the family carry on and have a Thanksgiving feast.  So we did.  After driving home with a trunk full of dirty laundry, Evan found himself having to spend one night and get back into a car and drive right back to Fayetteville for the feast but since he wasn’t driving or living in a dorm, he was fine with it.

We certainly crammed a lot into the past week or so – not something I recommend.  Since we find ourselves short by one car, we decided to petition to purchase grandma’s old car from the estate.  So the car situation has worked itself out although Erin would most certainly rather have grandma back than her car.  Mel brought home a huge grocery sack full of old cards and letters that had been saved and spent a good bit of time going through those.  A great deal of this sort of thing remains to be done and will be done in the coming months in getting the old house ready for sale.

On the positive side, we had the aforementioned feast at Mel’s brother’s place in the woods.  I love going to that place and always look forward to such occasions.  I made a short video of the day and posted it to youtube so that the rest of Mel’s family could watch and hopefully feel like they were there.  Evan spent lots of time doing homework.  He’s taking C++ and since I’ve been dabbling with software for about 30 years, I was pressed into service as tutor.  Strange how one can learn the concepts but still make the same dumb mistakes over and over as I was doing during tutoring.  This points to some basic flaw in the structure of the language but I don’t see enough of the big picture to know what that is.  We got our Christmas tree up and decorated the house with the kids’ help.  Evan and I raked up the yard and produced about 20 bags of leaves even after mulching.

All in all, we crammed in a lot of activity.  It helped that I had taken the three days before Thanksgiving as vacation.  I also managed to create another floor tile but this time it was made of oak to see how I liked that look.  Oak is a lot easier to get your hands on than walnut.

And through it all, I endured shooting pains from my back and down my leg. 

I guess the word for this year’s holiday is “bittersweet”.