I’m amazed at how many people are interested in buying a wrecked car.  I had been worried about disposing of Erin’s car after the accident but should have known that this is America.  Put anything at all on craigslist and somebody out there will take it.  So, rather than pay some auto salvage yard to come tow it away, I got a small bit of money for it yesterday. 

All callers told me that they had a car like it with a bad engine and they intended to pull the engine out of mine and install it in their old one.  I admire people that can do that.  I admire all such forms of self-sufficiency and this is a pretty extreme one.  I would like to think that if I had the knowledge and skills to replace an engine in a car that I would shoot a bit higher than a ’96 Ford Escort but that’s just me.  I’d be building myself a Jaguar or Lexus or something.  Still, the principle is the same:  self-sufficiency is admirable and you can sell anything.