I don’t know why disasters seem to come in clusters like they do in my life.  But this fall has seen more than the usual share of problems.  But all of them pale in comparison to Melissa’s mother passing away early this morning.

She just never recovered from her heart surgery.  We can worry it to death and try to figure out what happened medically or we can just move on.  I can write at length about my latest woodworking project but with matters of this import I find myself without words.  I’m just trying to keep track of things at this point.

Luckily, I have been able to schedule a guy to fix our roof and also to sell Erin’s wrecked car and thus get those two nagging issues out of the way.  That is two fewer things for Mel to be concerned about.

So let’s see:  had to have the dog put to sleep, car wreck, and grandmother passing.  Thanksgiving could very well suck this year.