It’s that time of year when we enjoy the last of the nice fall foliage and take a deep breath before the holiday activities begin.  This past weekend, Erin was gone and Melissa was back.

Mel had been in Fort Smith for the latter half of last week to stay with her mom in the hospital who is improving but is only improving extremely slowly.  We are told that for an 82 year old, we can expect a slow recovery.  Slow recoveries always make adults wonder and worry about the expense of it all but she is recovering and everyone is happy about that.

The experience left Mel tired and so we spent the weekend relaxing around the house.

Erin is at some state convention for student council kids in Norman so she was out of the mix.  That left us with nothing to do but watch movies and putter around.  Or rake leaves.   This was something that needed to be done and which I thought about but did not do.  They will most certainly be there for the foreseeable future.

I finished up a phase of my parquet tile project and cleaned up the garage from that – hundreds of small bits went into the trash can.  Basically I had used up all the walnut that I had.  Much sawdust was vacuumed up.  I’d like this to eventually result in an improvement to the house but it has been such fun that it was worth doing as an end in itself.  Two sticks of firewood and a couple of random scraps yielded three 14 inch floor tiles and one 10 inch.  That’s roughly two square feet of tile per firewood chunk which were approximately four inches square (once the sapwood was cut off) and about 14 inches long.  Seems worthwhile to me.  The only problem I can foresee is that firewood may or may not be dry on the inside and wood that has not dried will usually warp when it does so.

I got an invitation in the mail to join AARP which is actually several months early for me.  This was not something I was thrilled to get but which everyone around me found hilarious.  My facebook entry lit up with comments which of course is why I put it there.  I like to generate comments; that’s the whole point of it in fact.  Otherwise, it would just be a blog like this.  But I don’t intend to join quite yet.