Mel’s back.  And thank goodness for that.  Not that Erin and I can’t get along by ourselves; it’s that we don’t want to.  This brought me too close to that awkward “married but not living with your spouse” demographic.  That’s just too much trouble to explain and not particularly pleasant to experience.

It’s very similar to why I refused to name our children with names that are the least bit ambiguous.  It’s too much trouble.  Likewise, I would never want to live on “Rohr Road”.  It has two problems.  First, there are too many “r”s.  Say that three times fast and you sound like an old pickup that won’t start.  But most of all, for your entire life you’d have to tell people you live on “Rohr road – R-O-H-R – pronounced like ‘roar’”.  That’s just too much trouble.  You shouldn’t have to spell everything for others all the time.  Make life easy on yourself; live in places that are easy to pronounce and spell, and name your kids names that require no further spelling or gender specification.  Oh, and live with your spouse.


Mel’s back in town.  Her mom is still not recovering like we’d hope but it’s someone else’s turn to go sit and wait in the hospital for awhile.  Life for us is back to normal and normal is good.