So far, with Mel in Fort Smith and Erin and I here at home, things have gone well.  Of course, things usually take longer than a couple of days to fall apart even if they’re prone to falling apart.  We can take care of ourselves though.  I say that although I have yet to actually plan the meals for a week ahead and shop for the stuff.  Mel made sure we were outfitted with provisions before she left.

The first day, I was pretty much in bed with a cold.  I didn’t feel that bad but I was afraid it might blossom into the flu.  I don’t know how bad the epidemic actually is because the new media is making quite a hoorah out of it.  We even get periodic schoolcast messages on our phones from the school district reminding us all to wash our hands all the time.  Well, I do and still got a sniffle.  The sniffle gone though and I had a very pleasant day napping and watching movies.

I wish this stupid sciatic nerve pain would go away.  It is in my nature to always want to do that which is forbidden and now that I find it painful to bend over I find myself wanting to do all sorts of things that involve bending over.  I need to just lay flat when I can and get past this thing.   For the first time ever I’ve gotten one of those highly adjustable chairs at work and tinkered with it to make it more comfortable to sit at my desk. 

Erin had a boy over one evening for dinner and to “read lines” for the upcoming play although I was not conscious of a whole lot of that going on.  It was mostly goofing around since they both knew that fall break began the next day and there was no real homework to be done. 

She took the PSAT yesterday morning and we’re all hopeful that she raised her score a couple of points which would put her in solid National Merit contention.  Even at a school as big as ours, there are still only ever about eight National Merit Scholars.  Competition is fierce but I remain hopeful.

I also remain hopeful that Mel’s mom can stay off the respirator and finally begin her recovery.  Erin and I can do fine for awhile longer and worry about the truly important things. 

Eventually I will have to tackle the truly hated tasks: laundry and grocery shopping.  But that’s another day.