Erin had an actual car date Saturday night.  It went fine for her but the guy had some issues.

It all started with a party announcement.  It was also announced that alcohol would be present.  We therefore quickly nixed Erin’s attendance.  Then this guy asks her to go to dinner with him after rehearsal.  They decided to come over to our house afterwards to watch a movie.  Word got out. 

Apparently there were a few others that would have preferred not to go to the booze party although that one was emphasized not to be a wild party.  Still Erin found herself host to about eight others who tried to call it the “anti-party” until Erin shushed that up.  She didn’t want to set herself up against the popular girl who was hosting the other one.

So, they headed off to dinner – the guy, perhaps realizing that their moments alone would be few, apparently got nervous.  He left his cellphone on the outside of his car and it flew off at first motion.  He didn’t locate it till later since somebody found it and it ended up way across town.  They had dinner at a local place where one of Erin’s friends works as a waitress.  So Erin had a “wingman” in the house.  Then when they got done and were ready to leave, he discovered that he had locked his keys in his car.  He called his family (on Erin’s phone) but discovered that they were at the fair.  I had to go get them.  Kinda funny from a parental point of view but I’ve done similar things and so I was sympathetic.

The group all showed up and watched movies and did other stuff until midnight or so.  I guess that was all a success.