Since the last post, Mel’s mom found out that she required a quadruple bypass.  This occurred just today and as of about an hour ago, she was out of surgery and doing well in the ICU.  Everybody is now breathing a sigh of relief.  Mel and her siblings are there and will stay until they are no longer needed.

Unfortunately, our dog Dixie lost her battle with old age today.  She just had so many things go wrong at once that it was time to put her down.  I’ve never had to do that before and it was not at all easy.  I am sadder about it than I ever expected to be.  “She’s just a dog” I say to myself but she was not just a dog.  Anyway…

Erin is well again and has an actual car date this Saturday night which has me scared but it’s in the natural way of things.  Hopefully Mel will be able to be home and be the voice of reason in the house.

Hopefully, all the crappy things are done for awhile.  Mel’s mom has always been very healthy and hopefully this will see her through her recovery.