We’ve been talking about getting a DVR for years and today I finally did it.  The Cox cable guy showed up to install it along with some other various upgrades.  Since I had to be home anyway, I arranged for someone to come repair out piano and tune it.

It was a busy little party there for awhile.  Both guys were very friendly which I suppose is what they are commanded to be when they make calls.  Not the piano guy though – he was in business for himself. Like most musicians, he plays his way around town whenever he can get a gig and also tunes and repairs pianos (and pipe organs) as the need arises.  He was quite interesting.

There’s a club for everything and there is a club of enthusiasts of the theater organ.  As in organs that they used to play during silent movies in movie theaters.  Who knew that there was one here?  Naturally, there’s a video.  That’s my piano tuner narrating and acting as tour guide.  He was interesting to talk to although tuning a piano does not lend itself to talking.  I mostly watched.  But in the end, he gave a brief concert which I preserved with my Flip video camera.

After they left I sat down to climb the DVR learning curve.  Naturally, at the beginning there is no recorded video to watch so I guess I have to wait for that.  First program recorded:  the last half of an episode of The Dog Whisperer.