I’ve been wasting a bit too much time on facebook lately and some things that get a brief mention over there get overlooked here where I can fill them out a little.

Let’s see…  Evan seems to be enjoying himself at college except that his one fish died. 

Mel has gone head over heels over the idea of doing a bit of landscaping and so has bought a bunch of pavestones and brick edging blocks for the back yard.  We need to replace the fence more but this has taken control of her.  With my still-recovering back, she has done all the moving of these blocks herself which is no small task.  So far the project is looking pretty good but we haven’t done any of the digging yet.

We also had the garage door replaced.  Our garage door has been one of those things that has been an annoyance for 15 years but not so much as to prove intolerable.  It was of the previous generation of things and was made of wood ; therefore, extremely heavy.  It had wooden siding on the outside to match the rest of the house and this had begun to warp and crack and need a new paint job.  On the inside, a nut or bolt would work loose and fall on the car about once a month.  I even had a special socket for my wrench to tighten all these back down as I went on my monthly maintenance circuit.  Finally, it squeaked and roared like a freight train whenever it went up or down.  You could hear it from inside the house and even from inside the car at the end of the driveway. This month, after discovering that we had a bit of extra money, we decided to take the plunge and replace it.  The new one is much nicer and very much quieter.  It’s also insulated; therefore, we can take a tax credit this year. 

Erin is heavily involved in school things.  She has a bunch of AP classes and is actually having to do homework at home for the first time ever.  This is a rough transition.  She also auditioned for not only the fall play but the school talent show as well.   The jury is still out on the play thing although she did get a callback for today.  For the talent show, she played a piano piece that I’ve heard her play for years but only now realized that she just made the whole thing up herself.  I guess the proper term would be “her own composition”.  I had no idea until this week; naturally I’m impressed.  I hope the talent show committee is impressed as well and lets her perform because if they don’t, we the parents will have to deal with the aftermath.

Last night was “meet the teacher” night at school and we got to briefly meet all her teachers.  Unfortunately, they only gave us 10 minutes each and so all we really did was run from one room to the other smiling and shaking hands.  All the teachers looked like they had been there for 14 hours straight which, of course, they had. 

One parent introduced herself and mentioned that her son talks about Erin all the time and I mean:


That’s nice but Erin has never mentioned his name so I think that relationship may be a bit one-sided.  We didn’t say that of course. 

It was fun but, as I said, too short.  This is the time of year that my hay fever kicks up and so until I get used to the antihistamines I am usually a bit dull-witted so I had that working against me too.

The high school football season opener is tonight but rain is forecast so I will not be there.  It’s across town anyway and the fun ones are the home games.  We have our tickets for that one already.