I seem to have a weak back.  I remember when it started too; during one of those backyard dirt-digging projects.  Ever since then, it has not taken very much to start up a lower back ache again.  This last time was when we moved Evan into the dorm and I don’t even remember doing anything that might have strained it.  Still, I went to the doctor to talk about it.

Apparently, lower back problems are the most common thing in the world.  Talk to anybody over the age of 30 and you’ll get a story just like mine.  This time I learned that one event usually leads to a long-term weakness unless measures like the right exercise are taken.  So I can at least hope to get back to normal eventually.  I’ve been exercising but apparently need one more type to exercise all the muscles. 

This time I was sent in for an X-ray which revealed a “degenerative disc at L5” which apparently is common and not nearly as hideous as it sounds.  Disc degeneration is just a normal part of aging and need not cause any discomfort.  (at least according to Wikipedia – I have yet to talk to my actual doctor about it).  It’s slowly getting better – too slowly for me.  As soon as it perks up, I’m adding to my exercise regimen.