We drove Evan and his stuff over to Fayetteville this past Saturday.  He is now properly installed at the University again.  Curiously, he is living in the same dorm that I lived in thirty years ago – about three doors down from my room in fact.  Weird.

All that went pretty smoothly; one of his friends was there and helped us move the stuff.  We got it all in two loads.  We then drove down to the town square and ate lunch at Hugo’s.  I remember Hugo’s as a place that had been there forever but according to their T-shirts, they opened in 1977 – the year before I got there.  So although they have been there forever, they had not when I was there.  Also the menu is quite different.  The atmosphere is the same though: basement coolness.

From there, we drove over to our niece’s to see the new baby.  Rylee is about one year old and barely walking; therefore, quite cute.  She was pretty shy of us at first but quickly warmed up to us to the extent of playing a song on the toy piano.  Music is good – even when it is completely random and played by a baby.

From there we went home.  We didn’t get quite as sentimental as we did the first time.  This is probably all to the good.

I’m still not sure what I did to cause this but on Sunday morning, I woke up with a horrible ache in my lower back.  My back has become my weak point but usually I can identify the thing that makes it hurt.  This time, it must have been the moving of stuff to the dorm but I didn’t do any of the heavy lifting.  I still don’t know what caused it.  Things have not improved either – I still have trouble standing up.  It’s quite annoying. 

Still, once I’m upright, I can stay that way indefinitely so on Sunday afternoon, I took on some tasks that had been languishing.  I finished some trim work left over from that guttering project last summer.  I had totally forgotten about it – it should have been done long ago.  That required some minor painting which I did also.  While I had the paintbrush wet, I went into the garage and painted the new attic stair from last month’s projects.  There were two colors of paint involved so by the time that was taken care of, the day was almost done. 

I used one of those chemically heated patches that stick on the lower back and although they help, they don’t cure.  Medical science should get to work on this.