The summer is winding down in spite of the fact that it’s only the 5th of August.  Both kids have stuff scheduled for the next couple of weekends and Evan moves back to Fayetteville soon.  As a result, we decided that if we wanted to return to Pop’s (since Erin didn’t get a chance to go the first time), we had to do it now.  They were both off on Monday so off we went.

I took off early that afternoon so we could head out early.  There was no particular need to do so other than the desire to get home before bedtime but we did it anyway; we were excited I guess.  There was some reason to go later actually since Pop’s has a large sculpture of a pop bottle out front that has multicolored illumination at night but even so we did not wait.  It was 100 degrees.

We drove past the Round Barn straight to the restaurant and immediately had dinner.  Erin was pretty impressed with the place even if she is a teenager and is predisposed not to be impressed by much.  After dinner we all bought ourselves a custom six-pack of soda.  Every one of us picked different stuff although we all got ourselves a bottle of Avery’s BarakoBerry. 

In my case, I took the Barakoberry to work and left it on the desk of the woman who sits next to me and who is a super Republican.  We’re talking member of the young republicans, worked in Washington at the last senator’s office for several years after college – the whole thing.  I figured she would either laugh it off or get mad.  The second thing would have been more entertaining for me but in fact, she laughed it off.  She put it in the fridge to cool it off and drank it later although she did say that she turned the label around to face away from her so she wouldn’t have to look at Barak’s face.

It was all pretty fun although I was keenly disappointed to learn that they were out of Leninaide (“Drink comrade drink or it’s the Gulag!”).  I got grape NEHI instead.