Well, vacation has come and gone.  It was fun as all vacations are; even those where I do nothing and don’t leave the house.

This year, we realized that we had not had an actual vacation for about four years.  One summer was filled with breast cancer surgeries and after that we just seemed to forget about it.  The kids were starting to work, etc.  We decided that this was ridiculous and that we should do something about it.  Erin had already had a break when she went to New York with her drama class for a week and Evan had taken a week off to go to the Cornerstone music festival.  Neither of these things involved us so we planned our own trip to Washington DC.  Melissa has wanted to go to DC and see all the sights for years now – decades actually, and so I arranged to burn some of my frequent flyer miles and head to the Capitol.

I also found a nice hotel that was just across the street from Union Station and within walking distance of the capitol.  While expensive (as all hotels are in DC), it wasn’t break-the-bank expensive and so was quite nice.  From there we saw all the major sights.

I used twitter to keep track of what I was doing on what day so that I could refer to it later. 

It felt really strange to leave town on a joy ride like this without taking the kids with us.  It’s the first time we’d done such a thing – ever.  For 19 years now we’ve had the kids in tow when we went anywhere and it just felt strange to be without them.  I got over it pretty quickly though and began to enjoy myself. 

We visited the capitol building, the supreme court building, the library of congress, national archives, Monticello (on a day trip), the various Smithsonian museums, some of the monuments and memorials, the Washington monument, and National Cathedral.

It was a pretty full week.  Stay tuned for the daily blow-by-blow.