Evan left early this morning with his buddies for the Cornerstone music festival in rural Illinois.  He loaded three of his friends and all their stuff into the old minivan and headed out before dawn.  They are traveling with another van containing three girls.

It should be interesting – none of the girls have ever camped before.  I foresee a rough couple of days until they get used to it.

I have mixed feelings.  The van has 109,000 miles on it and I worry about it breaking down although it has never broken down before.  Still, that’s the sort of thing I worry about.  And of course it doesn’t handle like his Accord and I worry that he’ll be surprised how long it can take to stop.  They’re going past the wreck site on I-44 where 9 were killed earlier in the week which is totally irrelevant but which makes me be concerned anyway.  I of all people should be able to ignore unconnected events but I guess it’s normal to be concerned about what your kids are doing.

Last year, they had the time of their lives.  That almost sets up a situation where this year could not live up to the memory of last year.  I hope it’s not that way though – they’ve been planning this for months so I hope it’s all they want it to be.  At least it’s forecast to be cool up there.