My vacation is coming up in two (and a half) weeks and I’m starting to mentally check out already.  Mel and I realized recently that we haven’t actually left town on a “vacation” in about three years or more.  Her breast cancer treatment occupied one summer and we haven’t gone anywhere since then.  Erin has already spent a week in New York and Evan is spending next week at the Cornerstone music festival in Illinois so we decided to plan one too.

I’ve spent frequent flyer miles to get us to Washington DC and we’ve planned a five day itinerary.  The only cloud on the horizon is the fact that July in DC is, if anything, more hot and humid than Tulsa but that will just have to be as it may.  If we are drenched in sweat as we stroll through the Smithsonian, then so be it.  Nobody knows us there and everybody else will be in the same condition anyway.

I have already arranged tours of everything but the whitehouse and they haven’t gotten back with me yet. 

I really can’t wait.