And it’s only mid-June.  It reached about 98 degrees yesterday depending on where you measure and it was 90 in the garage this morning at 7:15 when I left.  The minute amount of food waste that made it into the trash can quickly festered into a reeking, fly-attracting stink-hole which I happily took to the curb.

That’s normally what I would expect to feel in August.  Maybe mid-July.  If this continues, it’s going to be a long summer. 

Generally speaking, we have four seasons here and this hot spell will eventually be balanced out by a mild summer (like we were blessed with for the past several years) so I can’t really complain.  It isn’t like I live in southern Arkansas any more (where my parents used to have to have their house power washed with bleach solution to keep algae and mold from growing on their walls and sidewalks).

But right about now, I’m wondering how much a summer home in Minnesota would cost.